Minge Funerals

Arranging A Funeral

Location of Service


  • At the graveside
  • At a church
  • At a public venue (eg town hall, football clubrooms, golf clubrooms, community hall etc)
  • At the Minge Chapel, Murray Bridge – with refreshments available  in the adjoining lounge either after the burial takes place or after the service (before burial)

Most Ministers of Religion will conduct services at a venue requested by family.


  • At a church
  • At the Minge Chapel, Murray Bridge – a full cremation service can be held in the Chapel with refreshments available in the lounge after the service
  • At the Centennial Park or Enfield Chapels in Adelaide

Things to Consider

  • Who is to officiate – a Minister of Religion, a Lay Preacher or a Celebrant (Minge Funerals will provide a Celebrant on request)
  • Viewing of Deceased – if a viewing is to take place then when and where. A viewing prior to the service may allow any relatives attending the funeral to participate if they wish
  • Clothing – what you would like the deceased to wear. This may also include shoes, jewellery, underwear and any other paraphernalia you would like to go in the coffin
  • Songs/Hymns – either on a CD or hymns to be sung by those attending the service. In this case, an organist and hymn sheets may be required
  • Pallbearers – usually six are required and these may by members of the family or close friends
  • Flowers – usually one large arrangement (a casket sheaf) is placed on the coffin from family
  • Donations – should there be a donation to a charity or fund in lieu of flowers?
  • Death Notices – for any relevant newspapers. These include the deceased’s details along with all members of the deceased’s family and/or a thank you/quote/short verse
  • Memorial Book – a keepsake to record all the names of those attending the service
  • Memorial Cards – often with a photo of the deceased on the front, family and funeral details, and/or a prayer/poem etc on the inside, these are handed out to all attending the service
  • Type of Coffin/Casket – there are a selection of coffins on display in the Minge Chapel as well as a book containing photos of the various styles that are available upon order
  • Ashes Placement – are ashes to be scattered, placed in a memorial garden or kept in an urn?
  • Slideshow Presentation – a montage of photos put to music and shown during the funeral service
  • Content of Service – any religion to be included (ie Lord’s Prayer) or particular piece of poetry
  • Eulogy – usually presented by a family member or close friend (please see How To Write A Eulogy)

All of the above considerations are normally required when a funeral service is arranged at the time of need. The same details also need to be considered when a Pre-Paid funeral is arranged. If you require a Pre-Paid funeral, please see Pre-Paid Funerals or call to arrange an appointment time or request some information to be sent out.

If you have any further questions or require explanation of any matters relating to funerals,
please call us on 8531 1111 or email admin@mingefunerals.com