Pre-paid Funerals

A pre-planned funeral allows you to choose the type of funeral service you want and how much you wish to spend. It may save your family a lot of anguish at a later time and also make everyone aware of your wishes. Pre-paid funerals are covered by legislation in most Australian states and territories.

As your Funeral Director, we can guide you through the planning process and explain the costs and what is involved in pre-arranging your funeral through Funeral Plan Management Pty Ltd.

Founded in 1983 and  a part of Lifeplan Funds Management, Funeral Plan Management Pty Ltd provides information on pre-paid funerals as well as investment management and administration services to funeral directors and their clients. They have developed a reputation as the market leader in pre-paid funerals, providing security and peace of mind for over 150,000 Australians.

Anyone can enter into a pre-paid funeral plan, regardless of age or state of health. By choosing a pre-paid funeral plan, you can select:

  • the type and style of funeral you would like
  • whether it will be a burial or cremation and the location
  • the type of coffin or casket
  • the type of death notices, flowers, music and any other features to be included in the service
  • the considerations of family and friends
  • how much you’d like to spend

Importantly, we at Minge Funerals Pty Ltd can arrange the funeral you want at today’s prices. This is then documented in a pre-paid funeral contract – a written record of the arrangement between you and us, the funeral director. The original contract is kept by you and we will also hold a copy.

Costed at today’s prices and subject to any specific provisions of the pre-paid contract, you will not be affected by any future price rises. The total cost will however, vary depending on the type of funeral service you choose.

So the money you pay today for your pre-paid funeral plan is then held independently of us, the funeral director, and it is invested and safeguarded until needed. When the time comes, your funeral plan will be carried out once a relative or representative contacts us.  All of the arrangements in your contract will take place, and only when this has happened will the funeral director be paid.

For further information or to request an information pack, or to make a pre-paid appointment please call 08 8531 1111 or email